• Why a Noisy Exhaust Is More Than Just a Nuisance

    If you are young at heart, you might think that your car's noisy exhaust makes it sound "racey," like a performance car. But you shouldn't kid yourself; a noisy exhaust can have many repercussions and be a significant risk to your overall health as well as your bank account. What do you need to worry about the next time that you set out on a trip? Carbon Monoxide – the Odourless Killer
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  • How to Tell If Your Car Needs a New Radiator or Other Coolant Repairs

    Your car's radiator and coolant system are very important, as an overheating engine can suffer excessive wear and tear and even seize up and stop working. In these cases, you may need to replace the engine altogether versus being able to make simple fixes. To ensure that your car's radiator and coolant system are always in good working order, note a few troubleshooting tips. 1. Coolant leak There are many fluids that can leak out from underneath your car, so the best way to note if the fluid leaking is coolant is by the color.
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  • Choosing the right type of nudge bar for your car

    Nudge bars are tools used on cars, particularly cars for off road purposes, that protect the front end of the car from damage, while also pushing vegetation and other items out of the way so that you can drive more easily. If you drive off road a lot, you might already have considered getting a nudge bar for your car. The most important thing to think about if you want to do that is what type of nudge bar you want in order to offer your specific car the most amount of protection without it affecting your driving.
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