Choosing the right type of nudge bar for your car

Posted on: 22 April 2016

Nudge bars are tools used on cars, particularly cars for off road purposes, that protect the front end of the car from damage, while also pushing vegetation and other items out of the way so that you can drive more easily. If you drive off road a lot, you might already have considered getting a nudge bar for your car. The most important thing to think about if you want to do that is what type of nudge bar you want in order to offer your specific car the most amount of protection without it affecting your driving.

Grill guard

This type of nudge bar is best suited for people that are driving off road quite a lot in rough terrain. Grill guards are mounted in the front of your car but are attached underneath the car to make it more stable. Most models also go around the sides of the car in order to protect more than just the front. This means they also cover the headlights. Grill guards are not suitable for you if you mostly use your car on ordinary roads, as the guard can compromise the safety of your car in an environment with a lot of surrounding traffic. The guard can, for example, decrease the amount of light given off by the headlights, meaning that people will have a harder time seeing you when you drive along a road in the dark.

Centre guard

Centre guards look a lot like grill guards, except they only protect the front of the car without going off to the sides. This is a good option for multipurpose vehicles that needs to be able to perform both on and off road. They provide protection against collision while also making your off road experience more pleasant. However, you should be careful with this type of nudge bars if you have a small car. The guard is rather large and heavy, and if your car is too small, it might be weighed down to a point where its functionality is compromised.

Bull bars

Bull bars are single bars that are mounted in the front of the car to protect the grille. This is the simplest type of nudge bar and also the one that provides the least amount of protection. This type of guard is mostly appropriate if you don't do any proper off road driving but still need to drive on dirt roads or in light terrain often. Bull bars are no hindrance when you need to drive on ordinary roads but still provide some protection against collision.