What the Puddles Underneath Your Car May Mean

Posted on: 2 May 2017

It is normally possible for car owners to detect developing problems early before those problems escalate to a level where they will be costly to fix. Your five senses can be a valuable ally in this effort of spotting problems before they get worse. This article discusses what the fluids that you see under your car may mean.

Yellowish Green or Blue Fluids

Pastel blue, yellowish-green or orange fluids pooling under your car may indicate that your car engine is overheating. Such overheating causes antifreeze to overflow from the radiator. Alternatively, the cooling system may have a leak at one or several points, such as in the hoses or on the radiator itself. The water pump may also be defective and start leaking. This problem needs to be fixed urgently before it causes serious damage to your engine.

Black or Dark Brown Fluids

Your car is likely to be leaking engine oil if you spot black or dark brown oily liquids under your car. This leakage may be the result of a damaged cylinder head gasket or a broken seal inside the engine. Such a leak can affect the fuel economy of your car in addition to putting the vehicle at an increased risk of extensive engine damage in case large amounts of oil leak out as you are driving.

Red Oily Fluids

You should suspect that your vehicle has a leak in its transmission system if you spot a red oily spot or puddle under that car. Power-steering fluid is also reddish in colour. This leak can make it harder for you to shift gears as you drive. You may also notice that the steering wheel is harder for you to move when such a leak is taking place.

Clear Water

You may not need to get worried when you see a puddle of colourless water under your car. Such a puddle may have been caused by condensation from the air conditioning system of your car. You should only be concerned if you still see such a puddle even during hot weather.

It is usually helpful to have basic knowledge about the common problems that can develop in your car. That information can help you to judge how quickly you should address a problem that you have detected. Use the information above to increase your understanding of the problems that your vehicle may have when it leaks different kinds of fluids. Always have any problem fixed by a mechanic as soon as possible so that the performance and longevity of your car isn't affected.