Why a Noisy Exhaust Is More Than Just a Nuisance

Posted on: 24 June 2016

If you are young at heart, you might think that your car's noisy exhaust makes it sound "racey," like a performance car. But you shouldn't kid yourself; a noisy exhaust can have many repercussions and be a significant risk to your overall health as well as your bank account. What do you need to worry about the next time that you set out on a trip?

Carbon Monoxide – the Odourless Killer

Vehicle systems today are designed to make the least amount of noise. If your car exhaust is not complying, this is an obvious sign of damage and urgent repairs are needed. This is because a leaking exhaust pipe can allow carbon monoxide fumes to escape anywhere along its length and, most notably, underneath the passenger compartment. These fumes could easily make their way in through small holes in the floor which are designed to help with drainage and air circulation. The fumes can also get in through the vents that you will find on the dashboard. You can neither see nor smell this carbon monoxide gas, but in the worst case scenario, it can cause loss of consciousness and even death.

Ask yourself if you have been feeling under the weather recently. Do you feel as if you're going down with the flu and other symptoms, which are especially noticeable in your car? This could be an indication of carbon monoxide poisoning.

This May Also Be Hitting You in the Pocket

Quite apart from the risk to your health which should be primary, a leaky exhaust can certainly affect the performance of your vehicle. The exhaust system is designed in a certain way as an integral part of the performance characteristics of the car. If it is failing you may notice a subtle loss of power. When this happens the engine will also tend to use more fuel than it should. Blockage or leakage in the silencer box of the pipe itself can cause a restriction in the smooth flow of gases and will cause a back up into the engine.

Short Commutes? This Could be Part of the Problem

Many Australians these days use their car simply to commute back and forth to work. Often times this is a relatively short commute and it's in these situations that condensation can build up within the exhaust system. If the length of your trip does not allow the condensation to fully evaporate, this can lead to dampness inside the system, which in turn leads to corrosion. The pipe in this situation can corrode from the inside out.

Net result of a leaky exhaust? More money at the pump, repairs down the road and potential health issues. You should get it checked out.