Should You Repair or Replace Your Vehicle's Transmission?

Posted on: 10 November 2016

If your vehicle starts to make unusual noises, isn't getting into gear properly, or isn't shifting into overdrive at a particular speed, you could be facing a problem with the transmission. After diagnosing the underlying problem with the vehicle's transmission, your auto repair dealer may recommend that you repair the faulty components or replace the entire system. How do you determine the most viable and cost-saving solution? Here are some of the factors that should direct you when deciding whether to repair or replace the transmission.

Piling transmission problems Is this the first, second, or fifth time that you are visiting your auto repairer for auto transmission service? If this is the first of second time that you are experiencing a problem, undertaking repairs would be effective and cost-saving in the end. First time problems with transmissions may be as simple as faulty bands, filters, gaskets, o-rings, or valves which these can be easily repaired or replaced. Your vehicle could even be having low transmission fluid. These issues are easy to fix, and your transmission should resume normal operations.

However, if you have visited the shop severally over the same issues with the transmission, it may be time to get it replaced. If you keep on getting the same components repaired over and over again, they will eventually fail and require replacement. To save yourself the hassle and inconvenience of visiting your repairer every often, have the entire transmission replaced.

Cost of repair and replacement The amount of money you incur every time you have a component repaired or replaced could end up being more than what you'd pay for a new transmission. For instance, some components such as the converters, shafts, pumps, and drums can cost you dearly if they break. Repairing such components continually could end up hurting you financially. A replacement can give you the peace of mind since you will be operating with a new transmission.

Note that while the cost of replacement may be higher than that of repairing parts of the system, it will end up paying off in the long run. As you compare the cost between repairing and replacing the transmission, be mindful of the difference margin between the two. If it is minimal, a replacement should be considered.

Proper maintenance and regular servicing of your vehicle's transmission can help prevent transmission failure and save you from undertaking regular repairs. However, when the problems occur, make the most viable decision that will save you money in the long run.