A Simple Guide to Making a Decision on Caravan Sales

Posted on: 3 October 2016

If you are planning to take some time to explore Australia via road, then a caravan would be an ideal mode of transportation. Nevertheless, choosing the right caravan is not simply about making a decision based on your budget. There is an array of other things you would have to keep in mind to ensure that your preferred choice would serve you for the long term. The following is a simple guide to making a decision on caravan sales.

Determine the type of travelling you intend to do

Instead of simply considering your maiden caravan trip, you should keep in mind how the caravan will fit into your long-term plans. For instance, do you plan to use it for weekend getaways with a couple of friends or for extensive road trips with your family members? The primary purpose of the caravan would influence the size, layout, configuration and fittings of the caravan. Other features you would have to consider based on the primary function of the caravan would include the off-road capabilities of the caravan, the rear suspension, the level of comfort and more.

Determine the towing capacity of your current car

When considering caravans, you have to ensure that the caravan you purchase will match the current vehicle that you have. Not many people have the financial flexibility to base their vehicle to the caravan, as this would mean buying a car specifically suited to the caravan itself. This is why it is essential to determine the towing capacity of the car that you already own and establish the maximum weight that it would be able to handle. Some of the things that you would need to keep in mind when determining towing capacity include:

  • The allowable vehicle weight when towing the caravan when braked as well as un-braked
  • The weight rating of the tow ball
  • The weight of any other additional equipment that may be used when towing the caravan
  • The individual manufacturer specifications for your car

Determine if you would rather a new or a used caravan

Just as with purchasing a car, you have the option of choosing between new and used caravans. Undoubtedly, new caravans come with a host of benefits such as having newer technology installed, lightweight materials used in the construction of the caravan and more. You also have the option of custom building your caravan when you opt for a new one. However, new caravans tend to come with a heftier price tag. If you have budgetary constraints, then a used caravan may be a more feasible option for you. When contemplating a used caravan, be sure to carry out exhaustive inspections for mould, rust, leaks and more.

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