Some Important Reminders About Renting a Car When on Holiday

Posted on: 10 August 2016

If you're enjoying a trip with your family or friends, you might use the car for more than just driving to and from your hotel. In turn, you may actually find that you face some restrictions on that car rental that you weren't expecting, and may wind up losing your deposit or having to pay additional fees because of how you used the car. To ensure you know what's involved with the rental, note a few important reminders and then be sure to ask about these at the rental agency if necessary.

You may not be able to drive the car just anywhere

When on holiday, you may want to visit the beach, the outback, or a wooded or mountain area. However, you may not be able to take your rental car with you! Very often sedans and minivans are restricted from being driven in rough areas that are not properly paved. You may need to rent a 4WD or other such vehicle for those types of roads or areas.

You may also not be able to take the car out of state or across international boundaries, although there may be some allowances. For example, if you're visiting Australia and want to head to New Zealand or visiting the U.S. and want to cross into Canada, ask the rental agency about crossing the border. Since traffic between some bordering countries is common, a rental agency may permit you to take the car across the borders, but you should always ask and never assume.

You might get charged for extra filth

If you do take your rental vehicle to the beach or someplace else very rough, be sure you clean the rentalt before taking it back to the agency. They may charge you for any mud, sand, and other filth that is beyond standard road dirt. This charge is probably going to be more expensive than the cost of a wash you manage on your own.

They may have a limit as to passengers

When on holiday with your family or a group, don't assume you can simply cram as many passengers into a car as you wish. The agency may have their own limits as to how many people can be in the car; usually this is set by how many actual seatbelts there are, and if it's legal in that particular area to hold a child on your lap in the car. Ask about passenger limits and be prepared to rent a minivan or larger car when needed.